Gratitude Through a Health Crisis

“For I will restore health to you, and I will heal your wounds declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 30:17

A few years back I was diagnosed with menorrhagia and fibroids.  To spare any men reading this the gory details lets just say this turns your monthly cycle into something that looks like a murder scene.  As I got older it got worse.

This year I had more doctor’s visits and a trip to the ER fighting anemia caused by this condition.  I was weak, exhausted and had no energy.  Every month it got worse and worse and finally one day I called my husband and said that I was going to the ER hoping they would give me a pint of blood and do a red blood count.  My hemoglobin (red blood count) usually ran around 10.5 (normal is 12.0-15.5) and have been considered anemic for many years.  This day my hemoglobin was 7.6 considered severely low.  My husband of course met me there and sat with me as I received my transfusion.  The nurse told me that only 3.4% people have AB+  blood which is my blood type.   She told us the blood would have to be warmed and I would be watched closely for reactions.  I am sure this is with any blood transfusion and not just in my case. After I had finished being treated my doctor prescribed some medicine to take daily to regulate my hormones and build my red blood cells.

It is funny because I had only been to this new doctor once for a second opinion yet she immediately came to the phone when the P.A. at the ER called her.  I am so grateful because I know how easy it is to get lost on the nurse’s station hotline during business hours.  My doctor ordered the blood transfusion and medication.  She would follow-up with me in office in 2 months unless I had a problem before then.

At that two month appointment she ran another hemoglobin and my level was now 12 and I felt incredible.  She did recommend doing an endometrial biopsy just to be sure there was no cancer even though there was a small chance cancer existed.  I naturally thought this would be the best thing but then the enemy creeps in.  “Maybe you have cervical cancer, this may be how it all ends.  You never know this may be it!  You are going to die.”

I took several deep breaths and told the doctor I would have the procedure done even though the cramping during the procedure could be painful.  Once the procedure began my doctor said she felt doing a few additional samples would be warranted if I could take being uncomfortable for a bit longer.  I knew I made it through childbirth so I could continue on for what she thought was best.

As many of you know if you have ever had a biopsy that the procedure is nothing compared to waiting for the results.  Your mind will play tricks on you leading you to think of doom as opposed to positive thoughts.  You might not sleep at night and your mind may wander back to the possibilities of the results being positive.  This is when I said a prayer.

“Heavenly Father, please watch over me as the doctor takes these biopsies.  I pray for healthy tissue but Lord if it’s not I trust You to heal me and move forward however I need to.  I am not worried because I am in your hands.  Amen.”

The doctor said it would be about a week before the test results would come back from the lab.  She would call me if I needed to come in to discuss the results but if I received a note by email to check my electronic medical chart this would be good news.

The tests were done Tuesday afternoon and as my husband drove me home from the hospital I was quite uncomfortable.  I told myself I wouldn’t think about the result until the following week after a good eight days.  If I hadn’t received a call or email I would reach out to my doctor.

Thursday morning only 45 hours later an email popped up into my inbox.  My doctors words were, “Good news!  All three biopsies came back as normal tissue.”  Not only had God shown me his grace and mercy by allowing me to be healthy and no longer anemic but he also sped the tissue examination to report to my doctor so quickly!

I will tell you it took me a long time to decide to write about this topic.  I have two good friends right now being treated for cancer (one with brain cancer and one with appendiceal cancer).  What they are going through is much more trying than my situation.   Both of these beautiful women have such great faith and love for God that they are just experiencing a speed bump in life.  When you read my story although frightening is nothing compared to how their lives changed overnight.  My story seems superficial but I wanted to share how you can be grateful through a health crisis.

I am grateful I went to my new doctor for a second opinion.  I am grateful my husband dropped work immediately to be with me in the ER and hospital for my biopsies.  He had a huge project due and I know he put me before his work.  I am grateful the lab was quick and thorough in reporting my results.  Most of all I am grateful for our loving and almighty God for watching over me every single second to comfort and heal me.

If you are suffering with a health issue I am praying for you to feel God’s healing touch and find comfort in His love.  Stay strong, stay positive and stay faithful.

My love, my prayers and my gratitude for you-LoLo


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