My Gratitude Rock

In the movie “The Secret” from 2006, Lee Brower spoke about a rock he carried in his pocket every day.  Lee told a story of a rough time in his life when he was having family difficulties.  He said he picked up a rock and thought to himself that every time he held this rock he was going to practice gratitude.  Each morning he would put the rock in his pocket and every time he reached into his pocket he would feel the rock and practice gratitude.  He would carry it every day and at the end of the day he would empty his pockets and put the gratitude rock on his dresser.  I instantly knew I wanted a gratitude rock/stone.  My gratitude stone actually is a soapstone carved heart from Kenya.  It is aqua blue and has the word “Gratitude” carved in it.  The heart was imported from Kenya and I purchased it at my church when a visiting fair trade store was set up.  This heart was skillfully carved from soapstone (or “Kisii” stone), a metamorphic rock that contains talc, making it easier to carve.  For many Kenyan families, this is their primary source of income.  When I heard that the heart had traveled from Kenya and that it was hand carved I knew I had to have it.  The stone fits naturally into the palm of my hand allowing my first finger to rest in the crook of the heart as I wrap my fingers around the heart.  It is smooth and comforting and it stays next to my bed.  Every night before I go to sleep, I pick up my gratitude stone heart and give thanks for the one thing that happened to me that day that I am most grateful for.  I focus on only one blessing even though I have had many.  I allow my mind and heart to fully feel grateful before I replace the heart on my nightstand.  I do this the last thing at night so that I fall asleep with the most positive thought of the day.   I have a gratitude heart I carry with me because when I begin coaching someone on the benefits of practicing gratitude I give them a gratitude journal and a gratitude heart.  This gives them the essential tools to immediately become more grateful though journaling and holding a gratitude stone.


My Gratitude Stone

Before I sleep each and every night,

I reach my hand out to the right,

I feel the smoothness of the stone,

Gratitude will soon be known,

I hold the stone within my grip,

The words of blessings come to my lips,

“Thank you Lord for this blessed day,

And guide me tomorrow this same way,

I am lifted up high and above,

My heart has felt God’s love.

So goodnight stars, sky and moon,

My gratitude stone I will again hold soon.

                        -LoLo Roberts


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