You’re an Amazing Unique Individual


Some of us travel through our life accepting being average and ordinary when we have the ability to be spectacular.  We settle and try to make it successfully to the grave without too many bumps in the road.  Life has been given to us to live to the fullest.  When I want to feel the most out of life, I sit on my patio and observe nature.  Nature is the most perfect and beautiful creation.  Nothing in nature has to think about how to grow or survive.  When a flower receives rain it is nourished.  When it is nourished it grows and blooms.  When it grows and blooms it pollinates spreading seeds.  When seeds are spread new flowers grow.  The flower doesn’t get up every morning and wonder where its  water comes from, it just happens.   It doesn’t wonder where to get sunshine, it just happens.  You don’t need to wonder how to be happy, it can just happen.  When you practice gratitude by thanking your supreme being (mine is God your’s may be another) daily for your blessings you will be happy.  If you look around and start looking for basic things to be grateful for like hot and cold water, food in your refrigerator, a comfortable bed or even a few dollars in your wallet and give thanks your mood will lift.  On days I am not as bright and happy as I should be, I will thank God for another day of opportunities or that I can see and hear.  You don’t have to dig for elaborate blessings to feel grateful.  You can get a big boost just by thanking God for everyday things. Start simple.  Remember you start with kindergarten, not college.  You will increase your list of blessings once you become more familiar with being grateful and giving thanks.

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” ― William Arthur Ward


I recently had the pleasure of previewing the manuscript for an new book due to be released in April.  The book is by Rich Cavaness and the book is titled “The Gratitude Effect”.  This book touched me deeply and Rich referenced a passage in his book regarding our uniqueness.  It is as follows:

I am in awe how magnificent W. Clement Stone describes our creation in his book, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude:

You are a very special person. And many struggles took place that had to be successfully concluded in order to produce the person we know as YOU. Tens of millions of sperm cells participated in a great battle, yet only one of them won—the one that made YOU!  It was a great race to reach a single object: a precious egg containing a tiny nucleus. The head of each of the millions of sperms contained a precious cargo of 24 chromosomes, just as there were 24 in the tiny nucleus of the egg. Each chromosome was composed of jelly-like beads closely strung together. Each bead contained hundreds of genes to which scientists attribute all the factors of your heredity.  

The chromosomes from the sperm from your Father, and the chromosomes from the egg from your Mother, contained all the material hereditary and tendencies from each of them. Your Mother and Father representing the culmination of thousands of years of victory in the battle to survive. And then one particular sperm, united with the waiting egg to form one, tiny living cell. 

The life of the most important living person had begun, YOU. You became a champion over the most staggering odds you will ever have to face. Victory was built into you! No matter what obstacles and difficulties lie in your way, they are not one-tenth so great as the ones that have already been overcome at the moment of your conception.

This is extremely powerful to me.  If I had overcome this challenge without my conscious being knowing what was happening think of what I can overcome with my mental abilities and gratitude.


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