Paying for Our Daughter’s Wedding

When our daughter’s impending wedding was coming up we knew we needed to review the budget.  Our wedding planner had confided in me that we were about $4300 over budget and we were two months away from the wedding date and the vendors needed to be paid in full.  I prepared an Excel spreadsheet with all of the expenses and the final numbers for each item.  These items included the venues, attire, flowers, cake, gifts, etc.  Yes for sure we were over budget by the reported total.  I sat down with my husband first thing the following Saturday morning over freshly brewed coffee to let him know.  He looked at my spreadsheet and agreed with the figures.  We needed to come up with more money.  We vowed at the beginning of this celebration we would only pay cash and not take out a loan.  The amount was set a year ago.  My wonderful husband said to me we would pay the overage to the vendors but to let the wedding planner know we were at our limit and no more could be spent.  My husband and I went about our day grocery shopping and tending to things around the house.  Around 4 pm we decided to sit down and watch a movie.  The movie escapes me now but the afternoon doesn’t.  As we watched the movie I hear my husband’s cell phone text alert chimed.  This was odd to me because my husband didn’t have a text sound alert then only a vibration alert.  I turned and looked at my husband and he said, “That’s weird, our tax refund just hit our bank account for $4500!”  I have believed in the Law of Attraction and God’s grace for a long time.  I knew that this was God’s blessing that this appeared immediately the same day as our discussion.  I truly believe your words create things and when things are released into the universe for God’s ears to hear,  blessings happen.  This blessing came because of God blessing me with my wonderful husband.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks – Bible

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