The Importance of a Gratitude Journal

How often we may thank God for a blessing He has bestowed upon us and then it leaves  our mind due to a distraction.  It is vitally important we remember these blessings.  I write daily in my gratitude journal.  My journal is a soft leather book with bound pages and a loop closure securing my blessings inside.  You may choose a different type of gratitude journal such as your phone, an IPad  or even your own loose leaf filled binder.  You choose what fits your needs.   Your journal needs to be special for you and make you feel good just by touching it.  Remember, this is a remarkable vessel that will be holding your reminders of the beautiful and gracious things that happen to you.  My journal smells of leather and is very soft to the touch.  This reminds me of my father’s leather chair I use to sit in when I was little and my grandson’s soft baby skin.   I feel spectacular and comforted by my journal.  Each and every day I take time to write in my gratitude journal.  I list events that have happened in the day that I want to give thanks and praise for.  I use pens in different colors so daily blessing have their own individual characteristics for each day’s entry.  I tend to write in bright colors with a Papermate gel pen so I can express my mood through the color.  Pink colored ink being my favorite appears frequently and baby blue ink when I am feeling blessings for my baby grandson. I feel the colors add an uniqueness to my journal.  You may doodle your gratitude if you are artist or having difficulty putting your feelings into words.  You may use one word for each blessing if that is easier to you.  For example I may write in my journal that I am so happy for the beautiful streaming sunshine that warmed me on this first day of Spring.  You may just write the work sunshine.  It’s OK to use just one word because you will see that word and reference the feeling you received from the warm sun without writing the full statement.  I don’t date my entries but only number them.  I don’t want to have a reference of when I started my journal or consider how long I have recorded my blessings.  When making an entry,  I prefer to write what my blessing was and why it was important to me to get the most fulfillment  I recommend writing 3-5 entries a day although I have been known to write up to 10 in one day  It is important to do this daily journalism so on days you may be having a difficult time you are able look back and read your blessings from previous days.  Your mood will be lifted immediately when you see the things you were so grateful for and listed diligently in previous days.  You begin to realize no matter what obstacle seems to be hindering you on this day that you have much to be grateful for.  It reminds and inspires you on the spot.  These are also days it is critical to write 3-5 things you have been blessed with.  You may say very simple things like my family, my home or very basic things on these days you might tend to take for granted.  Just by recognizing the things your have without giving them any thought you will see you are blessed and feel better.  It is OK if you repeat things on your list if it is genuine and sincere because sometimes it takes some time to clear your mind after a long day.  You may write in your gratitude journal in the morning or evening or all throughout the day.  You decide what is comfortable for you.   I am going to share with you below what I am adding to my gratitude journal today.

  1. I am so happy and grateful that I am now blogging about gratitude with the possibility of touching another’s life.
  2. I am thankful for my friends that gave me input this morning regarding my upcoming projects and made me feel glorious.
  3. I am so grateful to be able to visit with my handsome two month old grandson so I can dream about his life’s possibilities and greatness.
  4. I am so excited and blessed to have great mentors and business people surrounding me to help make all my endeavors successful.

When you write in your gratitude journal, feel the love and blessing in your heart.  The truer and more sincere the entry the longer it will resonate with you.


When you are grateful – when you can see what you have – you unlock blessings to flow in your life.

Suze Orman

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