How I Met My Husband

The story of meeting my husband still impresses  upon me of how God has a plan and how he delivers to us what is best.  My daughter and I were living in Illinois after a sad divorce from my first husband.  We had decided to relocate to Texas to be near my parents and start a new life.  I had been packing my house for the movers that were arriving in 5 days.  Boxes were stacked everywhere in our home anticipating our upcoming move.  On this particular Friday before heading to Texas I worked my last day at my job.  Two of my closest friends wanted to take me out for dinner and farewell drinks and somehow we all ended up back at my house to continue visiting.  Out of the blue one of my friends said “I know you have been exploring online dating and I want to see how it works!”  This was 2003 when online dating was the only way I, living in a town of 40,000 people could meet someone I didn’t already know their baggage and history.  I agreed to hook my computer back up and show them the dating site I was using.  This site no longer exists and actually closed about 6 months after I met my husband.  In order to show them how the online chatting worked, I would have to pick someone to chat with.  There was a display of about 25 potential chatters that fell into my classification (age, single and living in the Dallas area).  My friend said, “Talk to him” and pointed to a picture attached to a profile of a handsome man on the beach.  I agreed and messaged him and asked if he was busy or would he  like to chat.  This was 9:45 pm on a Friday night which I thought was odd he would be available to chat and not out.  He said he was available and we began to chat.  He was home on this particular Friday night because he had a big proposal do at work and he decided to get it done instead of going out.  He had been working all night but had just taken a break to go online for a few minutes.  We chatted back and forth for about 15 minutes so my friend could see how the process worked.  He asked if he could have my cell number to call me after my friends left.  I agreed because back them you couldn’t trace a cell phone number to see someone’s location. The was considered a safe practice at that time.  He called me and we talked for hours.  I told him I was moving the following week and he asked if he could  take me to lunch.  Of course I said yes.  Funny how a ten minute break in his night that coincided with me educating friends on online dating would cause our worlds to collide.   There was no way I would have met my future husband without the work of reconnecting my computer and having my friend pick him out of all the profiles.  Only a higher being could orchestrate that.  When I had my first lunch date with this wonderful man I knew he would be in my life forever.   It was the way he looked into my eyes so deeply that day at lunch that seemed  almost as if he were reading my soul.  To this day we still look into each others eye the same way continuing to to grow our love and connection.

 I don’t need paradise because I found you. I don’t need dreams because I already have you.

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