An Angel Smiles Down From Heaven Today

It has been exactly one year since the passing of a remarkable man.  A young man who in his short time here on earth touched so many lives.  I am talking about Brett Miller, my cousin’s husband.

When I first met Brett he was dating my cousin, Lydia.  I saw him at a few family get togethers and we’d always joked ( and swooned) because he looked a lot like  the famous actor, Dermot Mulroney.  I had many issues in my life and Lexie and I were in the process of moving to Texas so many opportunities to be around Brett wouldn’t happen since he and Lydia lived in Illinois.

Brett was an athletic director at a high school in Illinois and also taught Spanish.  His students and players adored him.  He was the type of teacher we all prayed for at the beginning of the school year.  A fun, joke cracking teacher.   He also was an avid St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan and I remember  plenty of comments from Brett and my uncle through Facebook if  the Cardinals hadn’t performed well.

We did get to take a family cruise together with twenty of our family members in 2011.  I didn’t realize that after this trip we all would receive devastating news.  A few short months after the trip Brett began to be dizzy and slurring his speech at  a high school game.  Lydia took him to the local hospital and then onto Mayo Clinic.  Brett had a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit.  Even though this gut wrenching news was delivered to Brett by the Mayo doctors he remain positive about the outcome.

Brett was scheduled for a seven hour surgery and his journey began.  Brett knew there were people who would want to know how surgery and recovery was going so he started a Caring Bridge diary to write as he could. I have included his page and entries to share with you. . I lived for his entries because they were so positive and uplifting.  I was so grateful for his time and energy to do this as I knew there were times he was very weak and sore.  You can feel his love and strength as well as his positivity.  You can also read Lydia’s final entry.

This is an example of Brett’s diary entries.

I will I’ll continue fighting this tumor and pray for Gods healing and blessing during this time. Also praying for any friends, family and others who I know are battling with any disease or struggles like Matt Long, Jamie Doane, Hayden Wheatley, and any one else I am forgetting. 

God bless and have a great Christmas season everyone! Boo-yah!


The local newspaper and television stations followed Brett’s progress .  I have included  stories on Brett at  Another media outlet provided this story on a prayer chain in Brett’s honor.  By now you can see that Brett was a very important figure in the community and was loved by many.

Brett continued to go to Mayo for regular check ups and usually received good news.  He and Lydia were back running races with their families and posting their results on Facebook.  In May of 2017 Brett’s health began to deteriorate and he and Lydia were told he would need to be put on hospice.  A day later Brett passed away.

There is now a run being held every month in Brett’s honor that you can learn more aabout at:

Another great story was done for Brett and this event.

It is not our place to understand God’s plan.  I know God put Brett in our lives because he was such an amazing influence on so many people.  I have never seen a picture or been with Brett when he didn’t have a huge smile on his face.  I know today and everyday that angelic smile is shining down from heaven and he is influencing all the angels there just like he did here on earth.  You have forever touched my life Brett Miller.  Lydia Miller you are an inspiration for your strength and commitment to keep Brett’s legacy alive.










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