Do You Know What Purpose God Has For YOU?

I have been extremely blessed because at the age of 53 I have found my purpose in life.  Well, I guess I really should say God’s purpose for me in life.

If you have read any of my blogs you know that this last March 12th I was stopped in my work to write a blog focusing on gratitude.  I never wrote or read a blog in my life but I wrote one that day.

As God guided me through that blog I felt at ease and so relaxed speaking of the main topic I knew and practiced so well.  The topic of gratitude.  My life has become so much more fulfilled and blessed by practicing gratitude every day.  When I hit the keys on my keyboard it was like and energy was flowing through me and out my fingers as the screen filled with words.  I know that energy was God.  He knew it was time for me to embark on this journey.

The blog made me feel comforted and relaxed.  As I reread the blog I could feel myself filling up with confidence and actually inspired myself.  I really only wrote it to make myself feel better.

The next thing God put in my head was I needed a way for people to know this blog was posted and get them to read it.  I knew that step would be a Facebook page.  I could develop a page and pray that a few of my friends would look at it or possibly share just to help me out.

That Facebook page was way more successful than I had ever imagined.  We have almost 2,000 followers in 10 short weeks.  Our daily posts reflecting on God’s love for us and our purpose in life are shared repeatedly and some posts actually have 8 shares from the initial post meaning I posted it, another shared it and from that share another shared it and so one for 8 levels of shares.  That absolutely move me because it tells me others feel God’s love like I do.  By the way my blog has been read by over 750 people from all around the world. The Facebook idea worked.   Thank you God!

The Facebook page was successful and a great friend of mine recommended doing a podcast on gratitude.  I mustered my courage and my money and hit the studio.  The 10 minute brief podcasts talk about all different personal experiences with my life and gratitude within my life.

I was incredibly surprised when one day my friend said that my podcast on prayer had been listened to over 850 times.  Thank you God for blessing me with listeners that want to hear about Your greatness and how you add so much gratitude to my life.

What could possibly be next?  I mean I have a 9-5 job and I was just going to do these different things for my own personal satisfaction while hopefully touching 11 other people daily.  This is much larger than that so it has to be the work of God showing me His plan for me.

I knew there was still more I could do.  God told me in a dream that there are many others that need help practicing gratitude so why not start a monthly group called “Grateful Gratitude Monthly Inspiration Meeting”?  OK, let’s see what it would take to do this.  I need a place to meet, inspirational videos and the ability to lead a discussion.  I was fortunate that a new office suite complex with conference rooms had just opened and was offering memberships very reasonably that I could utilize the conference rooms.  I also found a huge amount of inspirational videos online to use as our topics for the meetings.  Lastly I felt I could count on most of the attendees to talk about the video and if they didn’t I could fill 20 minutes with what I got out of the video.  The monthly meeting was started in April and I had six people in attendance.  The second meeting was held this month and we had twelve attend.  I am exited to see how many we have the next month.  Thank you God!

Things were rolling so effortlessly that I knew there had to be more.  What was next?Think, think, think, think  like Winnie the Pooh says. It it hit me like a freight train.  You need to become a personal coach that focuses only on gratitude.  You can help others live more abundant and happier lives by teaching them how to practice gratitude in their daily lives.  I knew many people already were grateful but I knew how just adding a bit more gratitude to their lives would enrich their existence and maybe help them find their purpose.  I am so please to say I have completed my Certified Coach Practitioner certification and I am now a Certified Gratitude Coach.  Let’s remember, this happened 8 weeks after that first blog post.  Thank you God!

So everyday another suggestion from God comes to me and appears to be so clear. He also puts people in my path that can help be complete these tasks.  The latest suggestion is to develop a YouTube channel called Grateful Gratitude 11 and we will begin filming within the next two weeks and be up live for viewing.  Thank you God!

This morning my daughter and I had the opportunity to speak to 80 chamber members on practicing gratitude for a more enriched life.  It was amazing sharing this platform with my daughter who also practices gratitude so perfectly.  Another speaking engagement is just around the corner in June! The picture above in our blog title is me and my daughter, Lexie.  Wow, again, Thank you God!

I have no idea what God will whisper in my ear next to build on all the amazing things He has already blessed me with in a short period of time but my heart is open to anything He wants me to do for Him through me!  Thank you God for opening my eyes to the work you want me to do to help others and please keep me humble as I do it!

love, blessings and gratitude-LoLo

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