Being Grateful When You Feel Down

I wake up every day celebrating all my blessings but some days when I wake up I am down or feel off.  These days can be tough for me because I always want to be happy and feel good.  I don’t like the darkness of these days.  Today is one of those days.

Last night, throughout the night I woke up continually.  It seemed every 30-40 minutes I was awake over and over again.  I always feel if I wake up continually then God is saying, “I need to talk to you.”  I try to focus my thoughts and become somewhat conscious to listen.  This is also the times when darkness and fear can creep into my mind.  Doubt, anxiousness and unease filled my mind. I was on edge and I had a pit in my stomach. Then I realized  God is waking me up to let me know He is there for me, to comfort me and to reassure me that everything is on track.  He was chasing out the darkness keeping me awake and restless.  He was telling me to not worry or be stressed.

Each time when I  woke up last night I felt very uneasy about something.  I am still feeling worn out this morning, restless and drained.  What is God telling me?  Is  He comforting me or guiding me?

Right now I am working two full time jobs. I have my regular career and my gratitude blogging, podcasts and daily Facebook page postings.  I am not complaining in any way because I have been so blessed to be busy with new clients for my regular career.  I have been in this career for eleven years (my magical number) and it is a sales position so some weeks are booming and some weeks are flat.  Money is never guaranteed or constant.  Since beginning my blog on practicing gratitude, my day to day job has flourished in the most positive way.  New clients and larger orders are coming my way.  I stayed strong during the days my business had up and down and am grateful for any and all business.

I am so grateful I didn’t get frustrated and quit  because now my business is strong and I can pursue my dream of being a full time certified gratitude coach.  My regular work is providing the money I need to become certified and pay for additional training without having an effect on our family income.  Even though I am realizing my dream and fulfilling my purpose in life, it can be exhausting and cause anxiety.  I am a people pleaser and I have to remind myself to be a God pleaser first.

When I feel anxious, I turn to God and say, “God I feel like I am trying to control too much in my life and I need you to take over.  I know you have a plan for my dream and I need to sit back and watch you work.”  When I surrender my stress and anxiety to God things immediately begin to seem brighter and hopeful.  I can feel the weight lift off of me when I sincerely give it to God.  God wouldn’t have given me this dream in my heart if I couldn’t accomplish it.

Also when I am down I stop for ten minutes and focus on the blessings that God has already given me.  My beautiful daughter, my fantastic husband, our amazing grandson, my health, my faith, God’s unconditional love.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing new clients to me to fund my dream.  Thank you for allowing special people to cross my path to offer me blessings to help boost my gratitude work.  Thank you for my safe and peaceful environment.  And finally thank you for all of you across the world reading my blog, sharing my Facebook posts as well as those listening to my podcasts.  God is working in miraculous ways for my benefit.

So as I move through this day, I am constantly reminding myself of my blessings. I know God put a dream in my heart that He knows I can fulfill.  Touching others daily in a positive way is the best way I can lift my spirits and I am grateful for each and every one of you helping me fulfill my purpose.  With every view of my blog or LIKE on a Facebook post your are giving me so much more than I can give you.  My heart is full.


“I will not leave your comfortless: I will come to you.”     John 14:18





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