How I Feel God’s Love

It took me many years to sit silent and hear God and feel his love.  Now I don’t actually hear God with my ears in words but through my heart.  I lived a very rushed life, multitasking, running on autopilot and thinking about future things that would need to be done.  I decided to stop the rush and just sit still for a moment.

I was sitting on a beach many years ago when I tried to just listen to the crashing waves hitting the sand.  I buried my toes in the sand as well as my hands almost restraining them.  I took a deep breath, closed my eye and just listened.  I heard seagulls  cawing, water splashing, children laughing as well as a ship’s horn blowing.  I felt a whole world that I had been overlooking just moments before.  I absorbed each sound as I identified it and then visualized what the noise would look like if I opened my eyes.  I listened silently for around 10-12 minutes.

I opened my eyes to see fluffy white clouds hanging high in the sky, lush tropical treetops swaying in the warm breeze and an endless sea of water that goes on forever.  It that moment I realized God was telling me to stop and look at the beauty he had created.  Stop and hear Him and feel His love.  These things I was observing were created by miraculous means.  I was enlightened on that beach.

When I was young, maybe 4th grade I had a friend that when the digital clock in her room said 11:11 she would turn to me and say, “11:11, make a wish!”  I continued to say that every time my clock read 11:11.  Throughout the years  at 11:11 I would make a wish and release it.  Fast forward to when I had my little girl many years later and when I saw 11:11 and she was with me I would say, “11:11, make a wish!”  We would both close our eyes and make a wish and release the wish.  To this day we still do this and we will text each other if our phone shows that particular time.  I didn’t realize all those years was I was releasing my prayer to God through a wish.  I never wish for money or tangible things but for love and hope.  I would wish my grandmother would get well or for my friends not to fight.  I guess I was too young to understand I was actually praying instead of wishing.

A few years back I began seeing the number 11 more often outside of my clock.  I would go to church and the bible verse that was being discussed would have the number 11 in the reference.  For example, John 2:11.  Once I was watching “The Amazing Race” and the contestants came out of gate 11.  There also times I will read things that reference an 11 year study or on a big screen that is counting down numbers and I look at it exactly when it turns 11.  I also tend to get hotel rooms that end in 11.  Have bank balances that end in 11.

Several times every day I will look at the clock and the time ends in 11.  7:11, 2:11 or 5:11.  I know each time I see an eleven God is sending me love and support.  Every time I see an 11, I look up and say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you God!”  To me, it just a reminder God loves and supports me.

I have a book I reference often called “Angel Numbers 101” by Doreen Virtue Ph.D. and Lynette Brown.  It is a book that explains different numbers you may be seeing throughout your day or life.  It references numbers 0-999.  Each number has a few sentences with an explanation for that number.

I recently made a decision to become a certified gratitude coach allowing me to help other live a more abundant and happy life by practicing gratitude.  I pray daily to make sure this is a good move for me and that God has placed this dream in my heart to serve others.  It seems every night I wake up during the 1 am-2 am time frame.  When I see the time on the clock I make a mental note of the time and fall back to sleep.  The next morning when I wake up I reference my angel numbers book to see the meaning of the time and it’s significance to the prayers I am releasing to God regarding this new career.  An example is last night I woke up at 1:54 am.  In the book under 154 it says that angels are helping me make necessary changes to increase my happiness and satisfaction.

Another time I woke up at 1:07.  I flipped open my Kindle book app to look at 107 and it said, “You have been listening to God’s loving guidance, and as a result, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.”  Confirmation to me my choice in becoming a certified coach was exactly what I should be doing.

I use this book as a tool to help support positivity in my life.  All of the numbers have connotations of guidance and love that can give you inspiration.  I only use it in connection with the Bible and mediation.  I don’t rely solely on angel numbers but use them to enrich my positivity.

Another way I hear God is through meditation.  When I become still and calm in my mind I feel God’s love.  I tend to mediate the best at night right before I go to sleep although I do mediate in the mornings too.  At night I have nothing pressing to get done so I am able to focus more clearly.   I spend 10 minutes breathing deeply and just clearing my mind.  I try to only think about my breath.  I breathe in love on the inhale and out gratitude on the exhale. I usually take 5 deep breaths and then just breathe normally.  I try to let my mind be open to feel love and blessings with no other thoughts.  By clearing my mind I open myself up for calm.  I no longer feel negativity around me since starting daily meditation.  I am not saying negativity isn’t still in my life but it doesn’t affect me any more.  When someone is super negative they don’t tend to stay around me and if they do they no longer bother me.  I am calm now.

After meditating at night, I sleep more soundly.  I also wake up with more clarity in the morning.  Answers come to me first thing in the morning after mediating before sleeping.  I feel it is God’s way of guiding me through life and helping me feel his presence.

How do you feel Him?

“Don’t ignore the signs you asked God to show you.” unknown

The above quote has 11 words with the author.  Just saying………..

2 thoughts on “How I Feel God’s Love”

    1. Alan remember that no matter how bad things get, God loves you and he is working on changing the things in your life you are struggling with. Thank you for reading my blog and I will say a prayer for you for God’s blessing.


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