We Are Walking in God’s Shoes

I am sitting in my office daydreaming and totally not focused because I have a cold. As my mind wanders, I look down and see the shoes I am wearing. They are nothing special, just simple sandals that are easy to slip on and off. I find them to be comfortable so I wear them quite often. Today though, they look different to me with a different meaning.

These shoes I take for granted were bought with money my husband earned (as I make no money in my ministry). Money from his job that his paycheck provides. A paycheck that God provides with His love and mercy. The sandals appear different this morning. I see them as God’s sandals that I walk in.

Today, I realize that these shoes originated from God’s love for me and it is my purpose to do His work in them. Each morning as I wake up, I ask God to bless me with opportunities to serve Him and fulfill His work on this day. I realize this means to be obedient and faithful in my daily walk. My walk in these shoes must represent God’s work.

I am up by 6am every morning and my shoes hit my feet by 7am and are removed many times late at night. I stand in my shoes with our homeless community, sit with elderly folks that their family have forgotten, as well as victims of violent crime. These shoes walk with me everywhere and see each person I see. They hear the stories of God’s people who have lost HOPE. My shoes provide a foundation for God’s work in me.

Again, as I look down at my worn sandals, I think of Him. God reminds me daily that we have free will and we can choose to do good or be self-centered. I have to choose to stand firm on His foundation and when I walk in His shoes, I must represent Him. I have many opportunities in a day to think of myself instead of Our Father. I remind myself to whom these shoes belong, as well as whom I belong to.

I remind others that if we are solidifying a business deal and we see the chance to make extra money because the client won’t question the price, we must remember whose shoes we stand in. We need to turn away from instant gratification and wait for God’s rewards for being as fair and honest. The extra chunk of money seems like a great “bonus” for us but, nothing compares to external life. We well know too, that God is our provider and if we are honest and fair to others, we see tenfold the blessings.

Another example I share is if we choose to gossip in God’s shoes. I know it is our human conditioning to want to gossip, as it makes us feel better about ourselves, it is not from God. It is from Satan and he is never worthy to stand in our shoes that belong to God. We are believers in Christ which gifts us the Holy Spirit, God within us. God within us standing in God’s shoes. Why would we want to remove God’s love from us to benefit from what’s here on this earth?

God designed us to be Christlike in all we do. He blessed us with His love, grace, and mercy. He blessed us with shoes that belong to Him. Use your shoes to remember how mighty and loving God is and that they are your foundation. The foundation that is firm and supports you from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. The foundation filled with the Holy Spirit. As I looked at my shoes, this came to my mind…..

These are God’s shoes which He had made. These are God’s shoes for with His life He paid.

Please look down at your shoes today and think of them in a different way. My love and gratitude for you-LoLo

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