Purging-A purifying process.

I am beginning to look at things differently. Material things, changing friendships, and things that me pulling me down and away from being Christlike.

As I sit and look around at all the “things” I have bought to “fulfill” a void in me that sits and collects dust. Clutter and wasted money surround me. Things I bought that caused instant gratification that have been used once or never at all. Why did I buy these things? I bought them to fill an emptiness. Emptiness in my heart before I truly knew God’s love for me. I used paper money and plastic money to make me feel “more” like everyone else.

Amazon was my best friend. I could sit and look at the beautiful pictures and in one click have them shipped to my house. Clothes, makeup, baby toys, food, etc. would come quickly to my door. It made me feel important that someone and something was coming to my front door in just one click.

I bought things that arrived and I soon saw the quality wasn’t good or the color wasn’t as it appeared in the picture. The sizing was crazy and never consistent. Amazon didn’t have an easy return policy when I first started buying so nothing was returned. It was just wasted and became clutter. I justified the buying because I was supporting Grateful Gratitude, my nonprofit.

I am blessed to be a part of Amazon Smile giveback but If you understand that Amazon gives your charity .05% of the purchases made designated to the chosen charity. You can do the math on what I have spent. I would say about 35% were legitimate and good purchases during the pandemic. The rest were not.

I fell into the rut of “on-sale”, “get it today”, “I don’t have time to go to the store”, and “I have a void that needs to be filled”. One of the blessings that God gives us is every day is a new day and a new start. I am pulling away from Amazon. I am learning to wait until I go to the store to look at and touch what I am contemplating buying. I want to start seeing the quality and stop searching online. I want interaction with people in stores instead of isolation and a computer screen.

Today I am stopping the practice of impulse buying and then being dissatisfied with my purchase. I am asking some questions now before buying.

  1. How does this item make my family better?
  2. Would God approve of me spending His money this way?
  3. Does this company support the USA and our workers?
  4. What could I do with this money if I don’t buy this item?

“No servant can be the slave of two masters; such a slave will hate one and love the other or will be loyal to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” –Luke 16:13

I was becoming a slave to money. I was losing control of my life. I am building up “clutter” and it’s time to “declutter” in God’s name. I have bags and bags of clothes with tags to donate, I have stacks of items in my gift closest heading to the nearest charity, as well as new grocery items that are unopened because of a diet change. Purging in God’s name.

I also understand that recently I have purged myself from people I struggle to be around. People may call me pious and too righteous in what I am about to say so I apologize in advance. I have removed myself from those that drink excessively, shop endlessly, or gossip constantly. Alcohol, shopping, and gossip drag me down to Satan’s level. I have struggled with all three of these things. Each one came from temptation and attempting to elevate me above others. God has clearly shown me that these things are not from Him and only from the devil. These things, for me, are a waste of my time here on earth. The time God has given me to do His work that has been planned.

I am not speaking down to those who enjoy these things, I am just saying I see God saying there is a better use of my time. Satan and his minions are always around us. He tries constantly to pull us away from God in temptations and the act of fulfilling the flesh. We have to stay strong and say “NO!”.

And do not give the Devil an opportunity to work. Ephesians4:27

I know this will sound gross but as I prep for my colonoscopy, I better understand purging. : ) Purging is never pleasant no matter the situation but I know one thing for sure, my body, soul, and mind always feel refreshed. I feel like it’s a new opportunity to not fill myself with clutter but to know only God provided the fulfillment I need in life.

Consider today what may need purging from your life. Is it wasted time scrolling, gossiping about others, overeating, overspending, lusting for another? So many traps we fall into. Stay strong my friends and realize that today is a new day and a gift from God. My love and gratitude for you-LoLo

Those who cleanse themselves from the latter will be instruments for special purposes, made holy, useful to the Master, and prepared to do any good work. Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 2 Timothy 2:21-22

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