Matthew 6:33 Seek and All Will be Added

In the last 6 months I have learned and lived this bible verse.

Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

The message is simple, always put God and His will first and you will be rewarded.  I have had so many examples of this.  Clear, obvious examples.

When I decided to create Grateful gratitude to begin a simple blog post about how I practice gratitude with recognizing God’s love for me I have daily seen my life and business explode.  This is all due to God’s love for me and His blessings he is bestowing on me.

Since starting Grateful gratitude my health has been healed, our platform to talk about God and His love for us has gone from one platform to nine in less than 6 months.  One little blog on March 12th has led us to weekly ten minute podcasts, Facebook and Instagram posting, public speaking engagements, workshops for women, teen girls and mini girls between 8 and 11 years old, a YouTube channel and now a book in the Kindle Store.

God is the only reason we are blessed and attained  such success in a short period of time.  We pray every day for God to show us His plan for us, to put the correct words in our mouths to share His word and to help and serve others through His will.  Everyday I see His clear guidance.

For example, the other day I was at a networking meeting and out of blue I felt Him guiding me to organize a holiday event.  He was strong and clear.  He said.  Do an event that will bring people together  to become aware of Grateful gratitude and the work we are doing in His name.  Bring together faithbased vendors to sell holiday items to kick off the holiday season.  Find two charities to benefit from this event.  Incorporate your soapstone hearts you give others to anchor themselves through practicing gratitude.  Do live remotes on Facebook during the event to raise more awareness.  You must use the hearts!  You must bring good to those who are suffering.

Anytime I feel that Divine inspiration it always is so clear and powerful.  It causes me to stop absolutely everything and focus on the task God has given me.  I become absorbed in the project and every detail flows to me in a bright light from the heavens.

This event will be called Hearts for the Holidays.  We will focus on raising money to buy 100 soapstone hearts that have been carved in Kenya and engraved with the words “God’s Love”.  One of our groups supports families that have a child with pediatric solid tumor cancer.  They do family events to help Families get their minds off the treatments, hospital stays, pain and tears.  They also provide gas cards to the families to help them buy gas for all the doctor’s appointments or hospital trips.  We intend to give a heart to each family member so they can all anchor to God’s love and continue their faith during this difficult time.

Carsons Crusaders

We have also chosen a charity who’s mission is to encourage and empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disablilities to compete for their place in society through employment and volunteering. We want to also give each of these “unique friends” as the founder calls these beautiful people a heart to hold and remind them how much God loves them.  Though these unique friends don’t have the day-to-day stress we thrust upon ourselves they do need to associate God’s love to their own lives.


When I went to bed this past Wednesday night I had no idea what God was going to present to me on the next morning.  The inspiration hit me at 8:30 am and by 11:00 the whole event was outlined and framed.  Everyone we approached regarding participating in the event said yes immediately and I felt God’s touch with each yes answer. Only God could inspire me to reach out to the beautiful faith-based people who would make this event happen.

You know I have always heard that God doesn’t call on the equipped, He equips the ones He calls.  I feel this so powerfully in my life.  Within 2 1/2 hours one morning He showed me how to touch at least 100 people by holding a two-hour event before the holidays.  He equipped me with the inspiration, the people who would be supportive and focus to get everything arranged with my daughter and business partner, Lexie.

He left me trusting that all would be fine.

Lexie and I anchor to our gratitude hearts every day.  They keep us grounded and secure in God’s love for us.  We hold the heart knowing God is protecting us and blessing us with an incredible ministry.  We feel Him so closely to us when we walk the path He has designed for us.  We feel him touch our thoughts and help us speak our words.  We give a heart to those that have touched us personally or may be suffering and needs the constant reminder they are loved.  When they hold their heart they can be comforted.

Gratitude Stone

I am sure many of you are inspired by what God whispers to your heart.  You are understanding and fulfilling His plan for your life as you read this.

I am also sure there are many of you seeking and trying to find that whisper and that plan for your life.  You may be struggling or confused.  Know that God is always with you and all you have to do is release everything to Him and worry no more.  The sooner you can release the sooner you will feel more at peace.  Release that feeling that you have to be in charge and control every situation will give you freedom.  When I surrender to God my anxiety diminishes, my health improves, more income comes my way and my soul feels content.

Please take this one piece of advise from me.  Sit quietly and ask God to handle every situation in your life.  Stop controlling your spouse and children.  Stop trying to work harder to get a promotion.  Give up control of everything that is causing you stress and worry.  Give it to God and your life will immediately improve.  You can sit back and allow God to fulfill His plan for you.  Trust me on this.

Before you fall asleep tonight.  Quietly lay in your bed, hands folded, eyes shut and sincerely say to God, “Heavenly Father, I know you have everything planned for my life.  I am surrendering all control to You.  I am comforted that you are handling things for me.  I will worry no more.”

Say it multiple times and feel it in your heart.  I promise God hears all of us and He will put you on His path and you will be amazed at the awesome things He will do for you.

I pray for each of you every day won’t you join me in praying for you too?

My love, peace & gratitude always, LoLo

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