“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi

I recently watched “A Wrinkle in Time” and fell in love with one of the characters named Mrs. Who.  She spoke throughout the whole movie in inspirational quotes.  I am a lover of quotes and she really appealed to me.


I want to write about several of the quotes were said in the movie as many of them apply to my life.  The first quote is the title of this blog, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” by Rumi.   Rumi was a poet, a scholar and a theologian. He believed passionately in the use of music, poetry and dance as a path for reaching God.


When you read the quote it is clear that when you are hurt by words or darkness it opens you up for light (God) to come in.  I have been hurt or tempted by darkness throughout my life and every time I let the light in (God) I became stronger and a healed person.  I have doodled this on my desk pad as to not forget it.

Any time someone attacks you mentally or emotionally remember this is an opening that  becomes a wound and is able to let the light into you.  Focus on letting God (the light) in because He can quickly turn things around for you and make you see the good in the hurt.

I have not slept at night because darkness caused me to worry.  Worry about how to pay my bills, how to lose weight, was my medical test going to be good or bad news.  I would turn to God and pray knowing God would always take care of me and He already had a solution to whatever I was worrying about.  I allowed the light to come in and push that darkness and worry out of me.

Another thought-provoking quote is by Calvin one of the movie characters.


He says, “You don’t know how lucky you are to be loved.”  This gives me the chills.  I have always been loved in my life but once in high school my friends decided to “eliminate” me from the clique we had formed.

I had no warning of the ousting, the blow  came late one Friday afternoon when school ended. I was a sophomore. “We don’t feel like you fit into our group any more.  We want you to find new people to hang out with!”  said the person I considered my best friend since seventh grade.

This was a tough thing to hear when the first basketball game was that night and everyone would be there and then go to the local pizza place afterwards followed by the weekly sleepover.  I was devastated especially because I had no idea why I was forever going to be excluded from our group.

I stayed home that night crying and still not understanding.  This was long before I realized people take their unhappiness and insecurities out on you.  The girls in the group had many flaws and became mean girls throughout high school.  I soon knew I had to find someone else to be my friend and appreciate me for who I was and not who I was trying to be.

I did find a friend that also didn’t have anyone to hang out with.  Her name was Robin and my parents hated her.  I guess that’s why I loved her!  She was my friend though the rest of my high school years and even moved to Dallas with me after high school and was the maid of honor in my first wedding.  I lost track of Robin throughout the year and was so sad when I heard she had passed away a few years back.

I am so grateful Robin was my friend when no one else would be.  I became so strong from my high school experience.  I feel so loved today by my husband, daughter, grandson and dear friends.  I haven’t felt that hurt since high school.

“Maybe if you aren’t unhappy sometimes you don’t know how to be happy.” — Meg Murray stated.  Wow isn’t that true!  If we are happy all the time we don’t appreciate our happiness or grow.

Meg Murray

I don’t really welcome unhappiness in my life but I recognize it is an important part of being emotionally healthy.  Unhappiness doesn’t need to be deep despair and drama. Actually if you are feeling God’s touch many things that seem unhappy to others may not be that upsetting to you.

An example is I used to be an emotional wreck.  I suffered panic attacks, worried about everything and cried at a drop of the hat.  Once I learned how to understand my emotions and know they are supported by God most unhappiness left me.  I am still sad when family members pass away but I try now to celebrate the fact I knew them and how they added to my life.  I am sad I can’t see them every day but I recognize they were an angel brought to my by God to make me a better person.  I have their memories with me always.

I recently had a friend that lost her husband at an early age.  She posted on Facebook of his passing but then posted pictures of the people he loved surviving and celebrating his life.  It did bring a tear to my eye because it was so uplifting they appreciated the time and memories they shared while he was here on earth.  It was beautiful and moving to see the way they honored him.

The last quote I would like to share with you comes from Mrs. Which who is played by Oprah Winfrey.  It is, “There will no longer be so many pleasant things to look at if responsible people do not do something about the unpleasant ones.”

Mrs Which

This is so powerful with the way the world is today.  Some many people and media sources do everything they can to shock the world.  We have graphic video on the news and social media, people telling their stories of being a victim not to mention the hatred we are seeing throughout the world.

We need to be kind to one another.  We are all God’s masterpieces put here for a purpose.  A purpose to do good and love one another.  We all have different opinions, religions and beliefs but we need all those difference in our world to give us diversity.  We have people suffering that we can give help to make their lives better.  We don’t need to do extraordinary things (although that is appreciated) because small acts of kindness produce miracles.  When someone is having a bad day and you tell them they matter and smile at them it can lift them up immediately.  A positive comment can negate a negative opinion of one’s self.

I have a weakness of watching “Big Brother” and on this season I have seen a beautiful example of kindness turning someone’s life around.  Sam is a cute little welder and in the first competition she was one of the losers and was to suffer a punishment.  Her punishment was to off and on through the week become a robot which was a traveling video screen that she would move around inside the “Big Brother” house while she was outside the house. She had try to build relationships with other house guests and build alliances. She was isolated from personal contact as a robot and other’s ignored her.

She randomly would be allowed back in the house as a human and she felt she had connected with no one because of this punishment.  She cried and stated no one would talk to her and she felt so alone.  She was suffering.

“Big Brother” offered a reward to the house guest that was most trending on social media and Sam won that reward.  She was given a bonus life that if she got evicted she could come back into the house.  This was a huge blessing for her since she was sure to get evicted.  She needed an act of kindness and she received it from America.

If you see someone homeless remember that could have easily been you when you were in a tough place.  Offer that person a bottle of water, a snack or the words, “God loves you and better days are coming for you.”  The homeless are God’s masterpieces too and they need a hand up as you give them a handout to survive.  God wants us to help others and serve.  Can’t we all spare a few bucks or a meal to help out our fellow man?

Please practice one act of kindness a day.  Kindness is contagious and we can rebuild our world through love and respect for others.  May you feel God’s blessings daily and carry His words on your lips when you speak to other.

All my love, gratitude and prayers for your happiness-LoLo

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