An Angel Saved My Friend’s Life

Yesterday was a day for a miracle.  I was attending a soft opening for a new restaurant in our community.  I had been invited to come to the new restaurant to try their food for free and I could bring three guests with me.  I invited my daughter and my new grand baby to join me for lunch but I had one reservation that I hadn’t filled.

Before I was going to go to have lunch I was meeting with a good friend for coffee and help with a project.  My friend is very spiritual and has quiet a love for God so I always enjoy meeting with him.  We finished our talks about my project and I asked him if he would like to join us for lunch.  I told him it was free and he hadn’t met my new grandson yet so if he had time we would love for him to join us.  He accepted.

When we got to the restaurant we were seated and the waitress told us it was served  family style and everyone would be sharing the meal.   As we talked about what we would order I commented to my friend, “Look, the firefighters are coming in to have a free lunch too!”  I thought this was awesome because  in today’s society we need to thank those always doing for others day-to-day.

Our food came very quickly and there were bowls and bowls of food to enjoy.  We had pot roast, creamed corn, fried chicken, green beans, rolls, cakes and cobbler.  It was going to be a feast.

Shortly after we began to eat, I hear my friend sneeze and I blessed him.  I thought it was a very odd sounding sneeze but thought no more until I heard him again make an odd noise and I saw he began drooling.  “Are you okay?” I said suddenly.  He shook his head NO!  I realized he wasn’t sneezing, he was choking.  Something lit a fire under me because I jumped out of my chair and screamed, “I need someone who can do the Heimlich.  Can anyone do the Heimlich?”  I am now standing in the middle of the restraurant holding my baby grandson fervently looking around for help. I looked like a crazed woman.

One lady from the next table stood up to help as a large man who is a waiter in the restaurant also rushed over.  The lady told the man, “You are stronger than I am, you help him!”  The man stood behind my friend who was choking and place his fists under my friend’s rib cage.  It took three tries before the food was clear of his airway.  I stood in awe of what this man had just done.  He absolutely saved my friend from dying within a few moments of time.  He was an angel placed in that restaurant by God to protect us.

Immediately after this the firemen rushed over to give aid to my friend.  Fortunately my friend was doing well  but very shaken up at the experience.  I looked around the diningroom and saw the colors of the restaurant were soft gray and muted white maybe like the colors in heaven.  Calming colors that we had commented on earlier during our pre-dinner conversation.  Maybe another suggestion God was looking over us.

God offers us so much protection and blessings every day.  Look for the ways God helps you , maybe stopping you at a green light because another car is running the opposite traffic light and would have hit you.  Or possibly you are standing on a ladder and miss a step but you somehow hold onto an upper rung of the ladder preventing you from falling to the ground.  I once picked up a staple gun to staple fabric to a wall without me realizing the gun was backwards and facing my forehead.  I squeezed and squeezed the trigger but the staple gun wouldn’t discharge.  When I looked at the cord, it wasn’t plugged in yet I had personally plugged it in.  Then it hit me that if the staple gun worked properly I would have been hit right in the eye or forehead by a 1 1/2″ heavy-duty staple.  God’s protection again.  When you feel the adrenaline rushing through your body after a close call, know that God has taken over and protected you.  That adrenaline rush is God’s love touching you.

When you go through your day today, think of my friend and the angel put in his path to save him and send them God’s blessings.

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”  Psalms 91:11



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